The new kinesiology
athletic ankle tape

Great for pain relief and support, sprain treatment and injury prevention, athletic sports and recovery

kt ankle tape

New generation of ankle tape, for better ankle support and stability

M7 Sport Tape is a kinesiology athletic ankle tape for ankle sprain, working similar with a compression wrap

The NEW Innovative Kinesiology Ankle Tape Benefits

Recovery - Stabilisation - Injury Prevention

Instant pain relief

Inhibits the pain receptors in your body by the lifting action of the kinesiology tape and relieves pressure directly on them under the skin. Great for a variety of ankle issues: ankle pain, ankle sprain, swollen ankles, Achilles Tendon pain, Plantar Fasciitis pain

Reduce swelling and inflammation

Quicken the reduction in joint swelling, bruising and inflammation, by lifting the skin and creating pressure under the tape. Increases the space under the skin, enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, and drain lymphatic fluid away from the injured area quickly.

Adjustable Ankle Support

Provide strength and stabilisation for injured ankles, using criss-cross adjustable straps that makes it very comfortable to wear. Gain extra support for your weak ankle, help to accelerate healing and reduce the risk of re-injury

Breathable and Waterproof Ankle Tape

Our kinesiology ankle tape is made of elastic premium cotton fibers, very thin, designed to last through humidity, sweat, showers 3-5 days of wear, getting the maximum benefits of it. The adhesive is latex-free and hypo-allergenic, offering comfort and wearability for a longer period.

Precut Unique Shape

Easy to apply and easy to use kinesiology tape without the need of scissors or any asisstance, easier to handle just following the steps from the box or watching the video how to apply

Suitable for all kind of sport activities

Best ankle tape for running and trail running, hiking, jogging, soccer, tennis, handball, working out or any high-risk sports for ankle strains.

Premium Cotton Fabric

Premium Cotton



Extra Strong Adhesive

Extra Strong Adhesive

Latex Free

Latex Free

Therapeutic Tape

Therapeutic Tape

The right way to use M7 Sport Tape

General advice

  • Before applying the tape, clean and trim excess hair
  • Avoid touching the ends of the tape
  • Apply it 30'' before any sports activities or training
  • Our ankle brace can be used 3-5 days with maximum results
  • To remove the tape, you can apply baby oil, it will help dissolve the adhesive for easy removal

Choose your ankle tape color

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Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • M7 Sport Ankle Tape decreased pain and disability after few hours of wearing

    I ordered my M7 Sport Ankle Tape from and I started to use it when I had an ankle sprain (very painful experience). The good thing was that I had my ankle brace and I use it right away.
    I started to feel some discomfort at the begging which I suppose was normal cause my ankle was in deep pain, but in a few hours, I felt much better. M7 Sport Ankle Tape decreased pain and disability after few hours of wearing. During the injury, I was wearing this ankle tape for 5 days, had showers and the most important thing I was able to walk (almost no pain). The tape was a big help for me!

    Dana G Verified Purchase on
  • Best Kinesiology tape I've tried!

    I'd definitely recommend over any other tape I've tried and have rebought it several times. The quality is A+ for the price and will last you longer than the cheaper rolls that you'll have to replace more often. I fractured my ankle a few months ago and my doctor recommended using sports tape to help after the brace, and this is by far the best one I've tried. I've tested out SB box and a few others off Amazon but nothing comes close to the stability this one provides. Especially since I have been swimming, I needed something that would last a few days and not have to be tossed out after a few laps every night. Plus this is the only tape that I've tried where the edges haven't come undone in 24 hours or less, and the precut design is also super convenient for getting support where needed.

    ClaudiaTtime Verified Purchase on
  • You will notice improvement!

    Day 2 of wearing Kinesio tape. (Typical pain level between 6-10 with no known prior ankle injury)


    Three scenarios

    1) After sitting for lengthy periods on day 1 to light walking through home, I would give this method an 80-90% improvement between function of the arch of my foot to overall comfort/stability of my ankle. Minimal pain level at times on a scale of 1-10, maybe a 2-3.

    2)Upon waking up first thing in the morning; standing to minimal walking through home, I would give this method a 60-75% improvement. The arch in my foot was much better but my ankle still had some stiffness and discomfort but it was much tolerable. I give the overall pain a 4.

    3)When walking/on my feet for a few hours, I give this method an 80-90% improvement between the function of the arch of my foot to overall comfort/stability of my ankle. Pain level 1-2.

    You get 4 precut pieces. I would buy again and give it 2 thumbs up. I would recommend this product. It is waterproof. I showered with it on, it dried quickly, and never lost its form.

    Gretch Verified Purchase on