Some of your Questions about M7 Sport ankle tape:

Q. What is M7 Sport Tape and how can I use it? How does our ankle tape work?

M7 Sport Tape is the new innovative ankle tape on the market. Best ankle tape for running, hiking, jogging, soccer, tennis, handball, working out or any high-risk sports for ankle strains.

Q. What is M7 Sport Tape made out of?

Our ankle tape is made of high-quality cotton fabric comfortable to wear. Very thin premium cotton fabric, breathable and waterproof

Q. How can M7 help me while I do my workout?

Our ankle tape was created to protect your ankle during any type of sport activities through extreme conditions, provide you much better ankle stability, comfort

Q. How do I apply the Kinesio tape?

M7 Sport Tape is designed to be easy to apply (please check HOW TO APPLY THE TAPE CORRECTLY).
The unique shape can be adjust strong or soft, depends on your necessities

Q. How long can I wear the tape?

Our ankle tape can be used 3-5 days with maximum results

Q. Is there anything I have to do before applying the tape?

It is recommended to shave the excess hair on your ankle before you apply the tape and make sure that your skin is dry