Our Story

M7 Sport Tape story and the people behind the Therapeutic Ankle Tape

How everything started...

As much as we want to prevent ankle injuries, it is impossible to predict them...

This product was developed by professional athletes, who have experienced many unlikely moments caused by this kind of injuries, ankle injuries.

During last year, we gave our best to improve the quality of the ankle braces that we have used. After a lot of researches we realized that the best product we can create is the combination between benefits of kinesiology tape and the ankle brace’s.

The result is much over our expectations. Beside the stability and prevention, one of the best quality of the M7 Sport Tape is given by the characteristics of kinesiology tape that improves blood flow and reduces pain and swelling which accelerates the recovery process. The way the product was developed will make you feel comfortable wearing it thanks to the thin fabric we used, a premium cotton never used before.

It’s known that in sport one of the most common injuries are the ankle’s sprain, and the precaution methods are limited. As much as we want to prevent this injuries, it is impossible to predict it.

M7 Sport Tape is available in 3 colors, just choose one!

Take care of your ankles using our
kinesiology athletic ankle tape

Our story and how we created this ankle brace